brads flyer peer review

brads flyer peer review - The flyer shows the day time and...

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Blanche Phlaum 11/19/09 Rws 305 Peer Review Brad’s Flyer Peer Review The flyer that Brad did for our organization looks great. There are a few minor improvements that could be made, but after those are made it will be a successful flyer. The flyer is on an 8 x 11 single page. It set up an image of our project to the audience we wish to reach. The flyer clearly identifies our NGO. It has our logo and Home Depot on it. This is really important to have on the flyer; it keeps it consistent with our organizations theme. Also, it shows that our NGO recognizes companies that have helped our project become a success. The design feature on the flyer and pictures identify our organization and maintain consistency with the rest of our project. I especially like the pictures of the gardens he used around the borders in order to breaks up the text. He uses a variety of races and ages children which shows that our organization helps all different kind of children.
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Unformatted text preview: The flyer shows the day, time and location of the event so that the viewers know where to go and what time to be there. The flyer also properly identifies our website. Having the website on a flyer is important just case a viewer has any further questions. However, I would suggest changing the color of the green it is a little bright. Plus it is not necessarily the same color green that we have been using throughout our project. I think that it is important to keep the coloring in our organization similar. Another suggestion I would make would be to not have white borders. I think that if the background of the flyer was solid green it would look better. The flyer overall it looks really good. It follows the guidelines that our required in order to be a successful flyer. It has some minor changes. Once these minor changes are made it will be the perfect flyer to represent our NGO....
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brads flyer peer review - The flyer shows the day time and...

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