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CONNIE PEER REVIEW T-SHIRT - something to put inside the...

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Blanche Phlaum 11/19/09 Rws 305 Peer Review Connie T-Shirt Peer Review The T-shirt that Connie did for our NGO looks nice. The t-shirt let viewers see a visual communication our NGO. It shows the public our cause, our values, beliefs, successes and our solidarity. The t-shirt has a visual design with our logo on it. The t-shirt communicates a message to all those who see it. Connie designed the t-shirt to visually communicate to viewers that our NGO Grand opening was November 14, 2009. This makes viewers aware that we have opened a community garden in El Cajon. I like that the t-shirt says thank you to the people who have support our NGO. However, I am a little confused why all the schools in Grossmont union high school district were thank. As far as I know we have not put that information into anything else for our project. But I think it is important to thank those that helped our success. Another option of
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Unformatted text preview: something to put inside the apple instead of thanking the Grossmont high school would be a picture of the children in our community garden. The choice of color on the t-shirt matches the rest of the project. The only thing I would suggest is changing the words “EL Cajon Community Gardens Opening Day November 14 th , 2009” from black to green so that they match the words on the bottom. Also I noticed that the letter “L” was capitalized in EL it should be lower case. The only other thing I would suggest is cha the wording in the middle that thanks all the high schools to bold, it would allowed it to stand out more. I really like the wording on the bottom back of the t-shirt. “Planting the Seeds to Children’s Success,” those words represent who our NGO as well as our solidarity. The t-shirt only needs a few minor changes and it will be the perfect message we are trying to communicate. 2...
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