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Blanche Phlaum 11/19/09 Rws 305 Peer Review Erik Bumper Sticker Peer Review The Bumper Sticker looks amazing. Erik brought two pages of bumper stickers for us to decide which ones we like. I like the options that are on page one. They have a tree that has seeding coming off of it. I think this is appropriate for our organization since our name is “Seeds to Success.” On page one there are three options to choose from. I like bumpers sticker one and bumper sticker three. The bumper stickers get the attention of the viewers, which makes them want to know more about our NGO. The little bit of wording that is on the bumper stickers explains the basic purpose of our organization. The bumper sticker is a good form of advertisement for our NGO. The bumper stickers show support for our organization. However, I think it is important to add our logo to the bumper sticker in order for all documents to be consistent throughout our NGO.
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Unformatted text preview: Another suggestion I would make is on the third bumper sticker to change it from “San Diego” to “El Cajon” since we are focusing on El Cajon area. Having a bumpers sticker enhances our company project. Everyone that uses the bumper sticker is showing their support and will help gain others supporters. The wording that Erik decided to use on the bumper stickers is completely appropriate for our organization. Viewers that read the bumper sticker feel sympathy for children in poverty when they see these bumpers stickers; this is exactly what we want from them. This makes viewers reevaluate their position and attitude toward our cause and make them think how they could help our organization success. The bumper stickers that we have chosen to use to represent our organization make the viewer understand the importance of our organization. After fixing a few minor details our bumper stickers will be perfect. 2...
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