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graphics process - feedback on my information graphics Most...

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Blanche Phlaum 11/19/09 Rws 305 Petition Process The process of inputting graphics into the proposal I was assigned the information graphics for the proposal. While waiting for Terra to start the proposal I started searching the for images on the internet that would be related to our project. I did from September 22 nd through the 26 th . Once I got the rough draft proposal from Terra I started inputting the graphics in our proposal that were appropriate and enhance text. After I completed a rough draft layout of the graphics I decided to email it to my group. I email this rough draft on September 28, 2009 to my group for revisions and suggestions. I did not get any response from the group before the next class. So I brought a copy of the information I had emailed to class with me on September 29, 2009. During this time I really did not get any
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Unformatted text preview: feedback on my information graphics. Most of the group was trying to help Terra on her proposal. Terra and I decided since no one in our group was helping us on our projects we would just do our proposal and information graphics together. We did this at my house, the library and over email. I feel that the professor never got a chance to look at my graphics; she was always too busy with other groups. Terra and I turned in our complete proposal with graphics on October 8, 2009. We got our project back and I had a “C” for my graphics. After speaking with the professor she explained how I could improve my grade. I decided that I wanted to improve my grade so I made the changes she suggested. After I made all the changes I turned in the new graphics for grading on November 17, 2009....
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