FINAL STUDY GUIDE - b. Situation Ethics : Outware....

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FINAL STUDY GUIDE Philosophy : The study of existence of man, and mans relationship of existence. Value : that which one acts to gain and/or keep. (goal) Virtue : that act by which one gains and or keep values.(action) Rights: a right is a moral principle defining and sanctioning a man’s freedom of action in a social context. Hypernorms: entail principles so fundamental to human existence that they serve as a guide in evaluating lower level moral norms. Moral precepts fundamental to human beings. Moral Psychology vs. Moral Philosophy Moral Psychology : Describes how you do behave in moral situations. a. Moral decision-making : Steps or process people go through to make decisions. b. Moral development: How children become moral adults. Moral Philosophy : How you should behave in a moral situation. a. Character Ethics: Inware. - Virtue Theory: Each person choose what they think is most important and follows that.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Situation Ethics : Outware. -Consequentialist : What moral based on consequence. -Nonconsequentialist : Not based on consequence. Negative Rights Vs. Positive Rights a. Negative Rights : Leave people alone, helps you. Lets you just do it. Nozicks said we should only have negative rights. b. Positive Rights: I have to do something for you. You dont have to work to get the stuff. Dont exist according to Nozicks. Utilitarian vs. Rights Justification of Capitalism: Utilitarianism Capitalism is the economic system that best maximizes the common good. Rights Capitalism is the only economic system that respects fundamental human rights, such as property rights and freedom of association. Subjective egoism: what is moral based on what is good for me short term. Each person be unique. Objective egoism : long term/course of life. Can judge-everyone similar...
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FINAL STUDY GUIDE - b. Situation Ethics : Outware....

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