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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction The fashion industry has had revenue of $38,000 million in the year 2009. In the past, women have been reluctant to rent but the recession has changed the purchasing power of many. The clothing rental industry’s growth has been driven by this recession and women who still want to wear designer brands. A gap in the industry is the lack of designer clothing available for women to rent. Designer Rentals will fill that gap by creating a user friendly website that focuses exclusively on fashionable women. Company Description Designer Rentals will begin as a web accessible business that will develop into a store front business. The merchandise will be stored and delivered out of Los Angeles. The urban city of Los Angeles is an ideal location for the business- the garment district is close and young professionals are the majority of the population. The business will feature as assortment of clothing from casual wear to formals and will be available in a broad range of sizes. There will also be customer assistance and personal shopper options once the store is opened. Fashion is a volatile industry and it is a unique challenge for the business to maintain merchandise to meet each customer’s style.
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executive summary - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction The...

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