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Full Feasibility Analysis for: Designer Rentals Founders: Mark Ferguson, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Marta Gonzalez, Courtney Lee, Sofia Lirussi, Diana Moran, and Blanche Phlaum Our business consists of renting top designer clothing to those who cannot afford high- priced items. Our target market will be women ages 15-50 in San Diego County. Considering that high-end designers do not rent their clothing, we are offering this service at an affordable price. The designer clothing will be available to view through our website where our customers can place their orders. Once their order is placed, the customer’s selection is delivered within 3 hours. We will also offer our customers an option to buy the piece(s) that they have rented. These items will be priced based upon the amount of times they have been worn. Due to the constant flux of fashion trends, we will obtain new lines of clothing for each season. At the end of the season, we will sell any clothes leftover. Product/Service Feasibility Designer Rentals is a one stop shop for fashionable clothes at an affordable price. This service will provide women with red carpet formals as well as designer items to rent for allotted periods of time. A person can log on to the website, enter their measurements and preferences, and photos of outfits and accessories will appear. These items are placed on a wish list and once an outfit is fully assembled, specifications are entered such as length of use and prices. The items are then shipped out and worn to different events. Women who regularly attend formal events or work in industries with high fashions need clothing that is reputable as well as affordable. The access to our company will create the ability for these customers to fill their need for fashion. Many women work in the high end industry of fashion but their pay is not relative to their expected appearance. This website will provide the clothes many women dream to wear but cannot afford at boutique prices.
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Designer Rentals is one of few rental outlets for designer clothing. The ease of accessibility via the internet makes this company a niche that many stores cannot replicate. The competitors include high end department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, which sell some designer items at sale prices, as well as the competition of consignment shops, which sell used clothing items, that sometimes include designer clothing, at a discounted price. The company’s approach to include high volume of clothing items differentiates the industry norm and creates an easier shopping experience than boutique digging and sale bins. This concept statement was distributed to selected individuals who understand the industry and are qualified to determine the strength of the business plan. Many of the individuals developed ideas that included what they liked as well as improvements that could be made. The people that evaluated the service liked the idea of low prices for otherwise very expensive items. Fashion is one of the largest industries in the United States; by lowering the prices more
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Full Feasibility Analysis - Full Feasibility Analysis for...

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