MANAGEMENT TEAM - Management Team and Company Structure...

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Management Team and Company Structure Designer Rentals focuses on the customer’s satisfaction, not only with the designer wear ordered, but also with our outstanding service and determination to help make your special night unforgettable, at an affordable price. Our management is here to provide a friendly atmosphere to make our customers feel comfortable and excited about their upcoming events. We are also focused on the convenience for the customer, as in we offer a delivery service that guarantees to give the customer their ordered items within 3 hours. Our employees will be selected based on their experience and qualifications in apparel and retail, and their commitment to giving the 15- 50 year old women the proper attire for their special night. Management Team Blanche Phlaum, Co-founder and CEO, Age 34 Responsible for formulating strategy to outline and overlook the overall success of Designer Rentals . Blanche recently has left her previous job where she was the Vice President of Marketing for 5 years at the Elite Model Management agency, which is one of the most well known modeling agencies in the world. She was involved in high end fashion shows in places like Milan, Paris, and New York through this agency. Blanche has an MBA from University of Southern California, and has a strong passion for fashion and running a successful business.
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MANAGEMENT TEAM - Management Team and Company Structure...

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