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Marketing Strategy Overall Marketing Strategy The overall objective of Designer Rentals’ marketing strategy is to make customers ages 18-50 aware of the benefits of renting designer clothes at a discounted price and to sell them on the idea that our online store is the best place for them to rent designer clothing. Our overall approach will be to generate word of mouth referrals through a series of marketing tactics that will show how renting designer clothing gives customers high self esteem without breaking their piggy bank. Our marketing strategy is based on the notion that marketing is our main goal to produce growth and to fulfill customer satisfaction. Our mission of giving customers high self esteem at a low cost is expressed through our tagline, “design on a dime”. We believe that everyone wants to dress to impress and we have created a means for everyone to do so at an affordable price. We want our target market to know we sympathize with their economic situation and do not want them to suffer. That notion will be accomplished through our marketing strategy. Positioning Designer Rentals’ target market is the clothing rental market for individuals 18-50. Its position in the market is to supply a wide range of designer clothing and accessories at the high end of the market, in terms of quality and price. Points of Differentiation
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Marketing_Plan - Marketing Strategy Overall Marketing...

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