Hybrid - Nozick's Theory

Hybrid - Nozick's Theory - Robert Nozicks Theory of Rights...

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Robert Nozick’s Theory of Rights Utilitarianism is an approach to moral judgment that focuses on the consequences rather than the means used to reach those consequences. It thus is aptly described as a consequentialist theory, according to the text. The second approach to moral judgment we consider is not addressed in your text, but is considered a deontological theory, meaning it focuses on duty rather than consequences, in this case the duty to respect the right of free action. The decision rule under Nozick is simply that behavior is ethical if it is free of force and fraud. Nothing more is required. It has the benefit of giving the ethical decision-maker virtually complete freedom of action with minimal government intrusion or even intrusion from the interests of anyone else who may claim a stake in the way the decision is made. How do you think Nozick would view the federal organizational sentencing guidelines we discussed in an earlier segment and their effect on business behavior? The biggest negative associated with this theory is that it licenses an almost complete disregard for others who may have an interest in a business or a business decision. It makes sense to pause here to consider what are called stakeholders in business. A stakeholder, according to your text, is someone with an interest or share in some undertaking, such as a business. The text identifies primary stakeholders with whom a business has a formal contractual relationship, such as its shareholders and employees, and secondary stakeholders, who may assert an interest in what the business
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Hybrid - Nozick's Theory - Robert Nozicks Theory of Rights...

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