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Reading Questions For Dudziak, Chapters 1-3 Each of the following short questions could be included in a pop quiz for sections that meet from Monday, March 10 through Friday, March 14. Dudziak, Chapter One: 1. What was the State’s Rights Party and what events led to its formation? 2. What explanation did large segments of the population of the deep south accept as the primary force behind resistance to white supremacy? 3. How did the Soviet Union exploit the situation of African-Americans for propaganda purposes? 4. What was the petition, “An Appeal to the World”? (include who filed it, before what body, and against what target). From Dudziak, Chapter Two: 1. What was “The Negro in American Life”? (include its purpose). 2. Why did the U.S. State Department sponsor trips abroad by African-Americans to speak on the “Negro problem”? 3. What unwritten rule of Cold War civil rights activism had William Patterson broken and what
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Unformatted text preview: did the U.S. government do to him? 1 Chapter 3 of Cold War Civil Rights : 1.What was the Committee Against Jim Crow in Military Service and what did it threaten to do if its demand was not met? 2. How did Senator Russell of Georgia seek to derail legislation to create a permanent Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC)? 3. In its legal brief (brief means report) in the Supreme Court cases of McLaren v. Oklahoma State Regents and Sweatt v. Painter , what did the U.S. government argument would be the problem if the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of state segregation practices? 4. How did the U.S. government use the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v Board of Education to counter Soviet propaganda? How successful was the US?...
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