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1. The term “Pygmalion Effect” refers to: a. Becoming a “star” in your organization because of your performance b. The observation that the quality of a person’s ethical decisions reflects the expectations of their superiors c. The response to 360-degree evaluation d. The effect of your decisions on the culture of an organization e. The process by which you improve in response to a reward system 2. In the steps of ethical decision-making discussed in the book and the video, “checking your gut” should be: a. Ignored as a factor in your decision b. The first thing you do when confronted with an ethical dilemma c. The last thing you do after your analysis is complete d. Avoided, because it will mislead you e. Considered as one of the creative options 3. The stage of ethical decision-making MOST susceptible to outside influences is: a. Moral awareness b. Ethical judgment c. Ethical behavior d. Moral development e. Personal responsibility 4. Diffusion of responsibility is MORE likely to occur when: a. Your do not know the people who will be affected b. You are personally responsible for making the decision c. Your boss refuses to tell you what to do, and says it is “your call.” d. Group decisions are made with the involvement of outside consultants and the appointment of a “Devil’s Advocate.” e. Your company has a loose and informal hierarchy where people are allowed to make their own decisions 5. Which of the following is identified in the video and text as an important factor influencing moral and ethical judgment? a. Gender
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Quiz1Answers - Quiz 1 - Answers 1. The term Pygmalion...

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