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Study Guide Block 1 and Block 2 Process of Ethical Decision-Making What is the text definition of ethics? A set of morals principles and values. The principles, norms, standards of conduct governing an individual group focus on conduct. The three stages of ethical decision-making: Moral awareness-recognizing the existence of an ethical dilemma, Moral judgment-Deciding what is right and wrong, Ethical behavior-Taking action to do the right thing. Individual influences on the process -Individuals analyze the ethics of a given situation to make good moral judgements. The idea that ethical behavior will improve if people acquire these conceptual tools that can help them make sound ethical decisions. Organizational influences on the process-1. Peers and supervisors, 2. The Pygmalion effect- expectations – whether high or low – that superiors expect of the individual. 3. Rewards and Punishment- rewards and punishment a corporation gives or imposes for ethics-related conduct in turn determines how people will behave. 4. Goals. If you enter a for-profit business, and even some non-profit businesses, you will be given a goal to reach, a number to make. 5. Diffusion of Responsibility. An organization may design a project or even an overall way of operating in a way that allows individuals to escape ethical responsibility for their own actions by putting distance between the individual and the consequences of their decision or contribution to a decision. 6. Roles . Finally, a firmly established role in an organization may reduce an individual’s sense of his or her own responsibility for a given ethically related action. Triggers for moral awareness-1. Peers consider it morally problematic. 2. Moral language is used when the problem is presented. 3. Decision can cause serious harm to others.
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study guide - Study Guide Block 1 and Block 2 Process of...

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