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Management 405: International Business Strategy and Integration Self/Peer Evaluation Form (one from each group member) _______________________________________________________________________ _ Team Number/Name:Internet Consulting Inc. Group 5 Your Name: _Blanche Phlaum ___ Please rate each of your team members on their performance and contribution. This evaluation will be confidential, although aggregate results maybe shared with your team members. You must evaluate yourself as well. FAILURE TO SUBMIT A PEER EVALUATION FORM WILL LOWER YOUR GRADE ON THE PROJECT . List your team members below, including yourself, alphabetically (last name basis): Team member 1: Suzanne Devlin _________ Team member 4: _Chris Robfogel _________ Team member 2: __Peter Nelson _____________ Team member 5:_Christina Ross __________ Team member 3: Blanche Phlaum __________ Team member 6:__________________________ Rate each team member and yourself based on their/your contribution to the group project for each of the
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Unformatted text preview: five questions listed below. For each question distribute 100 points among team members, including yourself (round your ratings to whole numbers). Item Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Member 3 Team Member 4 Team Member 5 Team Member 6 Total Points for item 1. This person did his/her fair share of the work 100 2. This person cooperated with other team members 100 3. This person always submitted his/her best work and effort on time 100 4. This person attended and was well prepared for team meetings 100 5. I would like to work with this person on future projects 100 Overall performance (Grand total for the individual - column total) TOTAL Other comments about team members ( If you give an individual (s) low points, you need to justify your assignment and demonstrate that you have given sufficient notice to the member to alter his/her behavior; otherwise your ratings will be discounted): Submit in a sealed envelope if you want your ratings to remain confidential...
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