You want to show that if you prevent the constitutive

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Unformatted text preview: ed motif in the cytoplasmic portion of the protein that contains Ser-Ser-Thr. You want to show that if you prevent the constitutive b-arrestin mediated endocytosis of the mutant B version of the RKR receptor that it will then be capable of signaling Your advisor suggests that you mutate all three residues to alanine in the mutant receptor? Why does he choose these three residues? Why does he suggest mutating them to alanine? After extended exposure to ligand, GPCRs become phosphorylated and then b-arrestin can bind to the phosphorylated residues and this results in endocytosis of the receptor and termination of signaling. Serine, threonine and tyrosine are all residues that can be phosphorylated and hence if they are converted to another residue then you won’t get internalization of the receptor. He chose alanine because it is small and so probably won’t affect the secondary structure of the protein and also it is used in mutagenesis studies because it allows you to determine the functional importance of the side chain of an amino acid – which is where phosphorylation occurs on serine and threonine....
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