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Case Massey Harris - Roles of Agriculture and Manufacturing...

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Roles of Agriculture and Manufacturing Industries in Canada 1. Historically Canada industry and agriculture were impacted by Mercantilism theory 2. Mercantilism is an economic theory that there is a fixed amount of wealth in the world and that a nation's prosperity depends on its success in accumulating wealth by exporting more than it imports. European nations attempted to put it into effect through commercial policies designed to produce a favorable balance of trade, through acquisition and development of colonies as exclusive markets and sources of raw materials. Manufacturing in Canada 1. Manufacturing in Canada had its beginnings early in the 18th century, but it was not until the late 19th century, with the development of electricity and a national political objective, that it achieved significant growth. Throughout the 20th century, manufacturing has contributed significantly to the economic well-being and prosperity of Canadians 2. During the 1870s and early 1880s., the discovery of electricity and the subsequent harnessing of some of Canada's vast hydro resource provided industry with an efficient, low-cost source of hydro-electrical energy. At the same time the extent of the mineral wealth beneath the Canadian Shield began to be realized. 3. Between 1945 and the 1990s, manufacturing has accounted for 22-24% of Canada's total real output of goods and services. 4. Four developments in trade policies and practices in this period affected Canadian manufacturers substantially: the Canada-US Auto pact; the GENERAL AGREEMENT ON TARIFFS AND TRADE (GATT); the world competitive
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Case Massey Harris - Roles of Agriculture and Manufacturing...

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