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BME 6360 NEURAL ENGINEERING SPRING 2012 Course Instructor Teaching Assistant / Grader Prof. Bruce C. Wheeler To be named JG 56 Biomedical Sciences Building 252-273-9222 [email protected] Office Hours: after class / to be announced Meeting Times: Tuesday period 4: 10:40-11:30, Thursday periods 4-5: 10:40-12:35. Room 316 ChemE Course Topics: The course covers the use of selected classical modeling techniques as applied to the problems in the nervous system. Techniques include: linear systems modeling (transfer functions, control theory, Fourier spectra, autoregressive filters as applied to a variety of neuro / muscular data and signals); non-linear dynamics simulations (e.g. the Hodgkin-Huxley model of the excitable cell membrane); pattern recognition and neural networks as applied to action potential data. Topical Prerequisites: Some background in engineering systems (transfer functions) and in neuro- physiology. Or consent of the instructor. Students with strong mathematical intuition and calculus through differential equations will quickly learn the engineering systems work. Required / Recommended Course notes: Electronic Files to be made available to students. Access to a physiology text with explanations of muscle physiology, biophysics of excitable cells. Journal articles available through the UF Library.
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BME+6360+Neural+Engineering+AnnounceSp12 - BME 6360 NEURAL...

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