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BME 6360 SPRING 2012 Lecture Material HW Exercises Due Other Reading 1 tue 10-Jan Intro to the Course DeMarse Lecture 2 thur 12-Jan Hodgkin Huxley 3 thur 12-Jan Hodgkin Huxley II. 1-14 4 tue 17-Jan Hodgkin Huxley II. 15-23, Sup. 5 thur 19-Jan Hodgkin Huxley 6 thur 19-Jan Hodgkin Huxley 7 tue 24-Jan Guest Lecture Sup.s 10,11 8 thur 26-Jan Intro to Linear Systems 9 thur 26-Jan Topic Choice I. 37-45, Sup. 1 Physiology Text 10 tue 31-Jan Linear Systems: VOR I. 46-65, Sup. 2 Robinson Paper 11 thur 2-Feb Linear Systems: VOR I. 46-65, Sup. 2 Robinson Paper 12 thur 2-Feb Student Report I. 65-68, Sup. 3 Physiology Text 13 tue 7-Feb Linear Systems: VOR 14 thur 9-Feb 15 thur 9-Feb Student Report 16 tue 14-Feb I. 69-73, Sup. 4 Physiology Text 17 thur 16-Feb 18 thur 16-Feb Student Report 19 tue 21-Feb 20 thur 23-Feb EXAM 21 thur 23-Feb EXAM 22 tue 28-Feb Pupillary System 23 thur 1-Mar Control and Stability 24 thur 1-Mar Student Report Sup.s 7, 8, 9
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