Homework _1 Spring 11 Corrections

Homework _1 Spring 11 Corrections - BME6360 Neural...

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BME6360 Assignment #1 Spring 2011 Neural Engineering Prof. Wheeler This homework introduces students to the use of Matlab. These may be done with the student version of Matlab. You do not need to hand these in. However, it is assumed that you will have gained proficiency with Matlab for subsequent exercises. 1. The following is a simple computation which is at the heart of neural action potentials, which we will study in the second part of the course. Compute the potassium equilibrium potential for a membrane which has a ratio of potassium concentrations of 10:1 (outside vs. inside). The formula is -25 mV * log e ([K + ] i /[K + ] o ) and the Matlab command is: Veqk = -25*log(1/10) % log is log e and log10 is log 10 Calculate the current through the cell membrane per cm 2 if the membrane potential is 100 mV. The formula is (V-V eq, K ) * g K . For squid giant axon, in the resting condition, g K = 0.38 mS/cm 2 . Im = (100 - Veqk) * 0.38 % what are the units of Im ? 2. This computation illustrates simple ways to create vectors and to execute the plot command. Create a 30 element sequence and an associated time index sequence which contains the square pulse: pulse(t) = u(t-5) - u(t-20). The following commands will do this for you: pulse = zeroes(1:30)
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Homework _1 Spring 11 Corrections - BME6360 Neural...

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