Homework _2 Spring 11

Homework _2 Spring 11 - BME6360 Neural Engineering Due: Jan...

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BME6360 Homework #2 Spring 2011 Neural Engineering Prof. Wheeler Due: Jan 27, 2011 The objective of this assignment is to review basic linear systems theory and to acquaint you with using Matlab functions to expedite the solution of problems. Your background reading assignment is to review the basic systems theory material at the beginning of the first part of the course notes. Pay particular attention to examples of Matlab assisted solutions. The last exercise is to give you practice copying solutions from Matlab into word processor documents. All students will need to become familiar with Matlab functions and procedures. Some students will be able to do these problems without any further review or instruction, some will require a brief refresher, and some will require instruction to establish a basic level of competence. Make sure that you see me if you need help with these exercises -- either the Matlab execution or the basic systems theory. Please be concise in your written report. I am interested primarily in assuring that you can carry out these calculations. Cutting and pasting reduced size plots into a word processor document will help considerably. 1.
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Homework _2 Spring 11 - BME6360 Neural Engineering Due: Jan...

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