Homework _3 Spring 11

Homework _3 Spring 11 - BME 6360 Neural Engineering...

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BME 6360 Homework #3 Spring 2011 Neural Engineering Prof. Wheeler Introduction to Simulink The goals of this exercise are three: A. To acquaint you with Simulink. B. To have you create your own simulation. C. To introduce to you a simple simulator which creates neural spike trains from analog input. D. To practice including Simulink output in word processor documents. Do not be intimidated by the length of this document: we have included lots of screen images of the various menus and displays which you will encounter Files You Need: You will need to use the following course files: vor1.m and spiker.m A. GETTING TO KNOW SIMULINK 1. Getting Started: Start up Matlab and simply type: vor1 This should start a previously written Simulink file. If not, the following are instructions on how to change Matlab's search path so that it can find the file. If you have successfully opened the file, and you should see the wiring diagram below. If you do not see a scope window, double click on the scope icon. 2. Run the simulation. Choose the simulation menu and select start: the simulation should run with a visible result on the scope.
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3. Learn how to change parameter values and alter the appearance of block elements. Double click on the gain (with the K in the icon) to find out it's value -- you may change it now -- then close the box. Resize the gain icon so that the numerical value of the gain shows.
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Homework _3 Spring 11 - BME 6360 Neural Engineering...

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