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BME 6360 Neural Engineering Spring 2012 Term Paper and Student Report Topics Theme: Neuroprostheses Please choose one partner for your team. In pairs, choose one of the following (limit two teams per topic) 1. Cochlear Prosthesis 2. Retinal Prosthesis 3. Deep Brain Stimulation 4. Bladder Control 5. Functional Electrical Stimulation for Walking 6. Functional Electrical Stimulation for Arm Control 7. Electrodes for Brain Recording and Stimulation 8. Brain Machine Interface: EEG strategies 9. Brain Machine Interface: Invasive Strategies 10. Advances in Peripheral Nerve Electrode Technology 11. Brain on a Chip Technologies 12. Nerve Regeneration Strategies Tasks 1. Identify review article or material that gives an introductory but technical description
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Unformatted text preview: of the topic. This is to be distributed to the class for reading, perhaps by reference to electronically accessible materials. 2. Begin research into other materials, including at least one current (last three years) research paper on the topic. 3. Prepare presentation for class, to last 20 minutes, with questions to follow. Use powerpoint. Consult with Prof. Wheeler on presentation. 4. Write two related term papers: each on a subtopic of the major topic. The term paper should be quite focused on a particular development in the field. I would rather have more depth than breadth. Suggestion: Peruse the presentations available at the IEEE EMBS Grand Challenges in Neuroengineering Forum http://www.gcbme10.org/...
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