ESSAY QUESTIONS - ESSAY QUESTIONS* 1. As you are probably...

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ESSAY QUESTIONS******* 1. As you are probably aware (unless you live in a box), both the United States and most of the rest of the world is currently experiencing a major economic crisis. Given what you know about family and relationship dynamics, list THREE ways the current economical climate could impact families and briefly indicate why you would expect these outcomes(note: your response must encompass material from three separate lecture topics). 1.) Depletion, or external stress (minor, major, or pervasive), can negatively affect your relationships. If the current economical climate is causing external stress on families, they will likely be negatively affected. People are less able to make adaptive attributions for negative relationships events. People respond less constructively and more negatively during conflict. Also depleted individuals may engage in more violent behaviors toward their partners. 2.) Likelihood of divorce--Being poor sucks. Financial issues increase the likelihood of divorce. People tend to argue about finances and equity. Increased arguments increase the likelihood for divorce. 3.) A changing economic climate will inevitably lead to an increase in conflict between members of a household. This is of concern in romantic/parental relationships because common couple violence tends to result from the escalation of conflicts. 4.) Economic crisis can lead to lower fertility rate because if couples don’t have money, then they won’t be able to afford the cost of having children. Hypothetically, fertility rate is increasing, but we can see this if we have major economic crisis. 2. On many occasions during the term I presented information that supports the statement: “Relationships take work in order for them to succeed”. What does this statement mean? In other words, identify and explain FOUR ways relationships take “work” to succeed (hint: think of ‘work’ as doing the ‘right’ thing or the thing that most benefits the relationship – why do we have to ‘work’ at these things?). Your response MUST incorporate discussion from four separate lecture topics (and you can – and probably should -- draw on information going back to the first day of class). 1.) Being able to self-regulate your emotions is a process by which the self alters its own personal responses or inner states in a goal oriented manner. Being aware of your own emotions helps you be aware of other’s emotions and how you can tend to them. The self-regulator is like a muscle, the more you practice self-regulating, the easier it will become. Self regulating effects relationships by your self-regulatory strength, how much you can self-regulate, and your self regulatory content, what you are regulating toward. This requires work because if you’re bad at regulating yourself, your partner will suffer. Also, if you take on a challenging goal, you have fewer resources to devote to your partner. 2.) Be an active listener. It takes ‘active’ work to make a relationship work. Shows your respect
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ESSAY QUESTIONS - ESSAY QUESTIONS* 1. As you are probably...

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