Exam 3 Study Guide test

Exam 3 Study Guide test - Exam 3 Study Guide test * NOTE:...

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Exam 3 Study Guide test * NOTE: This is just a GENERAL GUIDE…It does not guarantee that everything listed will be covered on the test or that everything that is on the test is addressed in this guide. However, following this guide should give you a good basic idea of the major ideas, key points I addressed in class which should help you focus your studies rather than getting bogged down by the details. * NOTE: One key thing to note is that few questions are straight rote memorization. In other words, I will not be testing your knowledge of definitions. What I will be testing is your understanding of the material by asking questions that require you to apply the material to situations and think about how certain phenomena work in a practical application. I’ve tried to give lots of examples throughout class and ask you questions to get you think about the “why” questions and to get you to apply the information, so hopefully this should help you on the test. Social Information Processing - Processing failures and under what circumstances children may have unsuccessful social interactions (Dodge & Crick model) Children in Poverty - Risk factors associated with living in poverty - The 2 models presented in Kaeley’s lecture (family investment, family stress) - Case for early education – why do we need it to help children in poverty? Intelligence
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Exam 3 Study Guide test - Exam 3 Study Guide test * NOTE:...

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