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Morgan Bailey February 7, 2011 HDF 322 Assignment 1 Questions 3. If a couples bottom line on their cash flow statement is “in the red”, or negative, they have more money flowing out then coming in, and their net worth could be going down in upcoming years. If it is positive, then they are saving their money more than spending it, and their net worth should get better as years go on. 4. One of the things they could do is to cut back on charitable contributions. Though it is a good thing to do, it is not necessary for them to live so they could but back
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Unformatted text preview: a little on that. The 2 nd recommendation would be for them to cut back on the pet expenses. Like if they are breeding pets, that is not a necessity so they could save money by stopping that. The third recommendation could be for them to not buy as many gifts for people, or buy cheaper gifts. Though this, like charitable contributions, is a good thing, it is not necessary to survive in the real world and they could save money but cutting back on that....
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