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lab5 - Morgan Bailey Mb33295 Bromination of(E-Stilbene In...

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Morgan Bailey Mb33295 Bromination of (E)-Stilbene In this lab, we experienced what happens when bromine is added to (E)-Stilbene. We used 0.005 moles, or 0.9 grams of it and once we added the bromine, we measured the melting point. Doing this helped us discover which of the diastereomers were formed because there are distinct differences in the 2 melting points. We determined the major product to be meso-stilbene dibromide. The addition of Bromine to a Carbon-Carbon double bond can be considered a “combined” mechanism in which a new sigma bond is formed on the same face as the pi- bond. This experiment was about figuring out the stereochemistry of the resulting product once bromine was added to the (E)-Stilbene. The options were with cis or trans orientations. The trans product was meso-stilbene dibromide and the cis product was dl- stilbene dibromide. We found which one it was by taking the melting point of our resulting product once the bromine was added. However, the product is not
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