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Morgan Bailey July 5, 2011 HDF 312 Assignment 4-Storage To start out, I put items such as my stapler, calculator and notebook right by my chair because they are frequently used items. Principle 1. Also, I determined my limits of reach by placing the most used items close to me and the items I don’t use often, like the golf tees, a little farther away. That way I can get to the more used items easier. Princple 3. Also, I stacked items having the same dimensions, like the paper and notebook to the
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Unformatted text preview: left of my computer, to clear up some room. Guide 3. Another thing I did was provide clearance to the right of my computer. This allows me to grab and replace items easily without moving other things out of the way. Guide 4. The last thing I did was organize the items in the workspace so it wouldn’t be hard to find them when I needed them. The stapler and notebook are good examples of this. Guide 6....
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