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Morgan Bailey November 23, 2011 HDF 113L Lab Paper #2 Positive interaction The interaction: There were a couple of empty boxes on the playground on October 31. A few of the kids got in and out of them but 1 particular interaction that occurred involved Henry and Harrison. Harrison sees Soledad get in 1 of the boxes, so he goes and gets in the other box. Henry, who had been walking around by himself seeming to look for something to do, comes over and gets in the box with Harrison and they stay in the box for a few minutes before getting out and playing together. (Observer notes pg 5) Encoding : Henry seemed to be bored in this interaction, so it seemed only right that he goes up to the kids who were crowding around a pretty popular area and try to find something to do, in this interaction it worked out for him and he was entertained. Interpreting cues : In this interaction, it seemed that Henry saw Harrison get in a box and he could have thought “that is something I want to do since a couple of other kids seem to be having fun in them.” Another interpretation could have been that Henry just settled for something to do since there seemed to be nothing else really happening on the playground at the time. This could be the most likely scenario. Clarifying goals : Henry’s goal in this interaction could be to find a friend on the playground to play with since he was bored. It seemed that could have been his main goal, but another goal could have been to try to attract more people to the boxes so all of the kids could follow his lead. Since Harrison let Henry in the box, it seems that Henry’s goals did not change, they were achieved because he got a positive reaction out of it.
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Response generation or reviewing possible actions : At this moment, Henry could have done numerous different actions. One thing he could have done was demand Harrison
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HDF lab paper 2 - Morgan Bailey November 23, 2011 HDF 113L...

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