HDF 313 final review

HDF 313 final review - Theories - Think about similarities...

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Theories - Think about similarities and differences across the specific theories that we covered Natural selection, ethology(Lorenz ducklings), attachment theory(1 st year of life) Psychodynamic-experiences as early children influences older development Cognitive learning-learn through observing others Information processing-how the child handles the flow of information…input and output. Dynamic systems theory-ind. Develop and function within systems and the relationships among individuals and systems and properties by which tese relationships operate Sociocultural-childs development is best understood through their social and cultural surroundings Ecological-not only the relationships of children and the environmental systems, but also the relationship among the environments themselves. - Think about how the theories would apply to real-life situations Research Methods - Know advantages and disadvantages of using different types of data collection methods with children - Compare the advantages and disadvantages of choosing between the type of study one
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HDF 313 final review - Theories - Think about similarities...

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