HDF 315 HW 9 - HDF 315L Name: _Morgan...

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Unformatted text preview: HDF 315L Name: _Morgan Bailey________________________________ DATE DUE: Wednesday, November 11th, 2011 HDF 315L Homework Assignment #9: Experimental Design and Quasi-Experimental Design 1. Suppose a researcher drew random samples of urban, suburban, and rural children, tested them for creativity, and obtained three means. Should the researcher use a one-way or a two-way design? Explain. Its a 1 way design because only 1 independent variable is being used. 2. a. A second-language teacher heard that people learn foreign language best in the morning and after drinking milk . To test this possibility, the teacher gave his students a list of words in the morning, and then asked the students whether they had drunk milk that morning. At this point, the teacher compared the scores of words learned by the two groups (milk vs. no milk). Describe a better way to perform this study. A better way would be to actually have milk waiting for half the students in the class right when they get...
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HDF 315 HW 9 - HDF 315L Name: _Morgan...

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