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2. Identify and discuss one of the primary factors that brought about changes in nursing education, and discuss the impact of the resulting change on the profession overall. Training was, is, and always will be one of the primary factors bringing changes in nursing education. Florence Nightingale had the biggest impact on this aspect. We first learn of the “Nightingale” Influence from page 8 of the textbook. Florence Nightingale wanted to be a nurse. She couldn’t because her family wasn’t fond of the working conditions for nurses. She realized then that she wanted to make a difference. Her efforts caused less people to die and get hurt in the War in Crimea in 1854. In 1960, school of Nursing was created at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. Florence made some basic principles for this school, on page 9, and the first one caught my eye; nurses would be trained in hospitals associated with medical schools and organized for that purpose. It’s very important to get the
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Unformatted text preview: experience needed. There’s so much to learn about Nursing outside of the books and the dummies. Not everyone can be a Nurse. Same goes with any profession. There will always be obstacles you need to overcome. You have to show you can do so, to become a Nurse. Following Florence Nightingale, other schools were established to properly train Nurses, as seen on page 10 and 11 of the textbook. The change in this profession only continues to get better overall. Education requirements continue to increase, therefore giving people better credentials. Nurses with the best credentials and education, make the patients they are caring for better off. I know that if I’m a patient and notices that the one who is caring for me isn’t doing their job properly, I won’t be happy. I wouldn’t want someone who isn’t a Nurse, to be doing a Nurse’s job....
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