226 Nonverbal Communication Fall 2011

226 Nonverbal Communication Fall 2011 - 226 Nonverbal...

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226 Nonverbal Communication Fall 2011 Study Guide #2 You will be able to use your study guide on the exam. Most of the questions will be application based on your understanding of the information below. Therefore, writing down the answers without understanding the material will prove futile when taking the exam. Remember on Tuesday after you turn in you papers, we can review for the exam. My suggestion is to complete this before then and use the class period to ask for clarification. There will also be questions based on class activities, discussion and group presentations. If you have been attentive and in class you should have no problems with those questions. Physical Appearance : Chapter 4 Why is physical appearance our survival and genetic line relies on ability to attract others physical appearance is key to attracting mates US is conscious of physical appearance industries make money on the need to look and smell good businesses help people look their best. money spent on clothing, jewelry, shoes, makeup, perfume, deoderant, and dieting products. even when economic times are hard, businesses still make money because people still wanna look and feel their best. children learn at a young age the gender norm on how to dress and how not to dress formation of initial impressions manipulate physical appearance to give best image are consistent through the course of interaction adornment cues (clothing perfume and cosmetics) are flexible because they can be manipulated. What are the three types of attractiveness (class notes)? Social: want to hang out with them
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226 Nonverbal Communication Fall 2011 - 226 Nonverbal...

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