Fluid_Resusc - b splanchic cutaneous musculoskeletal c cutaneous musculoskeletal renal d cardiac cerebral renal 4 Loss of 25 of blood volume is

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Fluid & Blood Resuscitation Chp. 31 1. The predominant cause of intravascular volume loss requiring aggressive fluid resuscitation is. a. 3 rd spacing b. Acute hemorrhage c. Dehydration d. Burns 2. The goal of fluid replacement in trauma is to return BP to normal range. T F 3. The primary vascular beds “sacrificed” in hypoperfused states are: a. splanchic, renal, cutaneous
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Unformatted text preview: b. splanchic, cutaneous, musculoskeletal c. cutaneous, musculoskeletal, renal d. cardiac, cerebral, renal 4. Loss of 25% of blood volume is ______________ hemorrhage. a. Class I b. Class II c. Class III d. Class IV 5. Elderly people are more likely to display tachycardia with hypovolemia than young healthy adults. T F...
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