CRIME AND JUSTICE 1-19-12 - Try new things Crime control...

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CRIME AND JUSTICE 1-19-12 Mythology: traditional story. Historical basis. Belief or event. Values. Stories are told, meanings change. Ie) TELEPHONE Some become a truth for ppl. BIBLE? Not intentional fabrications of the truth Justice system: dysfunctional? Functions of crimes: real to the ppl who subscribe and believe Larger than life qualities. Create fear Pushes ppl to put pressure Act certain ways Organization Artificial framework: law abiding citizens, crime fighters, criminals, victims Criminals are different to ppl who ARENT Not like us. Why? Good guys vs bad guys Solidarity No enemy = create one Evil get him Status quo: always be Behavior Define issues accurately
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Unformatted text preview: Try new things Crime control Resources Science not have all the answers? Prison = ultimate solution? Community instead? Criminals = evil Harsh laws = death penalty = long sentences Contradictions Chaos = disorder Cant come home, get sad Prisons don’t rehabilitate prisoners Make punishment worse Incarceration Solution? No Ppl are comfortable = social reality Become skeptical Question authority YES Technologically advance Discrimination/crime Govt/myth/ BAD HAHA Drunk driving STATS FBI has crime clock WTF?! Murder more frequent? Fuck no! Stories increase public fear War on drugs: cant let go of...
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CRIME AND JUSTICE 1-19-12 - Try new things Crime control...

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