Naming Binary Covalent Compounds

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Naming Binary Covalent Compounds Molecular compounds contain only nonmetal elements Binary compounds contain only two elements Molecular compounds that contain hydrogen have their own naming scheme for several reasons 1. H has unique properties that allow you to deduce the empirical formula from more compact names 1. Many compounds that begin with H are acids and their names reflect that important fact 1. Many important compounds of H (like water) are so common that they have
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Unformatted text preview: special names Prefixes: 1: mono-6: hexa-2: di-7:hepta-3: tri-8: octa-4: tetra-9: nona-5: penta-10: deca-If the molecule only contains 1 atom of the first element, leave out the prefix On rare occasion two elements form only one compound. If you know this to be the case, you can leave both prefixes out: (ex BN->boron nitride, SiC->silicon carbide) These should be memorized H 2 0 -> water NH 3 -> ammonia...
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