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Stuart Johnston Extended Definition Every company or business that is trying to sell a product has a target audience. The marketers have to decide which method and media types to use when trying to sell a product (Terrance, 2009). Companies invest millions of dollars into getting to know who their target audience is and then advertising their product towards them (Washington, 2000). This process of advertising to a specific group of buyers sharing common interests and needs is called “target marketing” (Allison & Cengage, 2001). In the process of determining a target audience, the marketer has to evaluate different segments of the consumer and decide which ones to target. The marketer can address just one or multiple aspects of the consumer being his or her geographic, demographic, psychographic or behavioral segmentation (Allison & Cengage, 2001). Companies can choose to target an audience of any kind and size, and as broad or specific as they choose. Through this method of target marketing companies can make their advertising
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