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Stuart Johnston - The Old Spice commercial from February...

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The Old Spice commercial from February, 2010 dubbed, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” introduced the population to the new ad campaign exploiting the male gender. The ad is of actor Isaiah Mustafa representing the ideal male body image and sporting Old Spice body wash. The commercial has him progress through a series of activities, locations all while presented with a sense of ease as he maintains a constant eye-to-eye contact with the camera. This Old Spice commercial effectively portrays a dominant masculine figure and unexpected visuals which are highly influential to the target audience of the ad. Every company or business that is trying to sell a product has a target audience. The Encyclopedia of Business and Finance relates the term target audience to “target marketing”; which is defined as the process of advertising to a specific group of buyers sharing common interests and needs (Allison & Cengage, 2001). The term target audience originates from 1951 as a reference to the psychological warfare during the Cold War. (Harper, 2011) Companies, wishing to advertise, invest millions of dollars into getting to know who their target audience is and then advertising their product towards them. They have to decide which method and media types to use when trying to sell a product to the consumer and make the ad most effective. The Old Spice ad has a defined target audience and is found to be reasonably effective. One may think that the ad targets only men because of it being male body wash, but it does not. The advertisers determined that it be more likely that a female purchase the hygiene products opposed to men and thus targeted the ad towards them and generally appealing to all (Laporte, 2010).
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The male figure in the old spice ad radiates masculinity. It is his ideal body image that
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Stuart Johnston - The Old Spice commercial from February...

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