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What makes us mature? A&P by John Updike has a very prominent underlying theme. That of maturing, or in other words, coming of age. Similarly there is an article “Holden Caulfield, Alex Portnoy, and good will hunting: Coming of Age in American Films and Novels” by Lawrence E. Ziewacz that discusses this theme as well. In the duration of the short story, A & P, we see the main character, Sammy, come of age and take on a more mature attitude and point of view of his surroundings . As well we see the characters in the article do as well. The most defined example of him coming of age in the story is how his view and judgement of the bathing-suit bearing girls changes as the story progresses. He begins by looking superficially, only at their physical attributes: “chunky, chubby-berry face, broad soft-looking can” finding the majority of the girls(two) for lack of better works, unattractive. In contrast to the
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