Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice - Characters in Pride and Prejudice...

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Unformatted text preview: Characters in Pride and Prejudice Mrs. Bennet The mother of the five Bennet daughters and an avid matchmaker, she is often described and acts vulgar, embarrassing her daughters and disinteresting suitors and their families. She is often very quick to push them towards potential husbands and acts with minimal intelligence on certain matters, relying instinct instead. Mr. Bennet Largely quiet and witty with his replies, Mr. Bennet is a country gentleman and father of five daughters. He occasionally makes rash and poor decisions but is considered in higher regard than his more crass wife. Jane Bennet The eldest of the Bennet daughters is considered very beautiful and shy and often acts without outward emotion, confusing those around her. She is good natured and only sees the good in others, at times rather naively. Elizabeth Bennet- The protagonist of the novel and the second Bennet daughter, Elizabeth is considered witty and sarcastic with her own streak of pride. She is a little plain compared to her sisters, but has a much keener wit and eventually falls in love with Mr. Darcy despite her early dislike of him. Mary Bennet- The only sister of the five who does not often participate in social events or leave the house, Mary starts the book in her room reading and ends it in her room reading, with her mother begging her attentions. Kitty Bennet As the fourth daughter, Kitty often goes with Lydia to meet with the soldiers. She plays a very small role in the course of the novel save to visit and discuss matters with her other sisters. Lydia Bennet The youngest Bennet daughter as well as the least thoughtful of the five. She makes rash decisions and though she is Mrs. Bennets favorite, she finds herself shunned by her father and the rest of her family when she runs off and nearly elopes with Wickham. G eorge Wickham A childhood acquaintance of Darcy, Wickham is a military officer who pretends to be slighted by Darcy in order to gain favor with women. He begged money of him and almost eloped with his sister before Darcy cut him off and eventually he does the same with Lydia and the Bennet family. Mr. Collins The cousin and nearest male heir of Mr. Bennet, Mr. Collins will receive the property when Mr. Bennet dies. He is a clergyman for Lady de Bourghs estate and acts with a degree of self-importance that angers Mr. Bennet. Charles Bingley The first gentleman and suitor introduced in the book is Bingley, the young gentleman who moves to within 3 miles of the Bennets and excites their prospects of a strong match with Jane. He falls in love with Jane early but is talked out of the match by his sisters and Darcy due to the low standing of the Bennet family and Janes apparent disinterest....
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Pride and Prejudice - Characters in Pride and Prejudice...

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