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greetings eng 112

greetings eng 112 - am enrolled in both english 112 and 151...

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Greetings, I am stuart johnston, The great. Well. .. not really, I'll let you be the judge. I was imported here to kelowna at great endevor and expence all the way from the far away land of Penticton. When im not at school or studying I enjoy being active. My favourite passtimes include playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, biking, hiking and hanging with friends. My writing background doesnt go further than English 12, but that will change. This semester I
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Unformatted text preview: am enrolled in both english 112 and 151; im nervous to see how this works out. As for my classroom experiance I am a fairly easygoing guy, just keep the door closed because its distracting when people wallk past. Im telling you now that my writing is some horrible chicken scratch but ill try my best you have my word. anyways im looking forward to being in this class and im sure ill be here to tough it out to the end....
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