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1) a. I need to shake hands with everybody - I need a loop – b. Each person shake hands with everybody else – nested loop – c. Assuming that I don’t stand on each step, I get a loop –where is number of steps d. I am sliding down – no loops - e. I am in the elevator. The only think that I do is pressing the button of the nth floor, no loops – f. Read book twice – , the same as where n is a number of page 2) I need to make one step up – then one step down; again: two steps up – two steps down; steps up – steps down. In this case I will get. 3) a. All integers in the array – I need a loop -
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Unformatted text preview: b. All integers in the linked list – loop -c. integer in the array - d. The sum of all even integers in the array - ) 5) (7.21) clear () - , no changes (7.22) add() - , no changes (7.23) add( int newPosition, T newEntry) - , no changes (7.24) remove (int givenPosition) - , no changes ) Algorithm X is , so Algorithm Y is , so 0) a) loop # 1 - times b) loop # 2 - times c) loop # 3 – 10 times So, the order is going to be), which is ) which is ) 19) 20) a. b. c. Sprinted runs yards, while the football player runs. By subtracting, we will get that football player runs yards more that sprinter....
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