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Week 4: Iterators Chapter 8 is about iterators in Java. This material is not on any test but some concepts are useful to better understand future chapters. Since the material is not covered in depth, this affords a perfect opportunity as an option for extra credit: write a program using iterators. This week can be used to catch up and study for the first test which is due at the end of this week. Definition: An iterator is an object that traverses a collection of data and can, for each entry: read or display modify add remove Iterators allow starting at the beginning of the list advancing to the next entry on the list multiple cycles (one cycle is one pass through the data) Task 1: Review the iterator interface on page 203. Then how to use the methods at the client level on page 205 and on page 206.
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Unformatted text preview: Task 2: External and Inner Class Iterators: Read 8.5 on page 204. Then review figure 8-4 on page 203 and how to use in Java code on page 209 and note the problem with the output and the solution if destroyable on pages 209-210. Review the outline 8.19 on page 214 and review and compare inner and external iterators. Read the note on page 213 and the chapter summary. Task 3: You can skip other parts of the chapter. Good practice questions include #1 - 5 on pages 207 - 211 and the exercises #1-7, 14 on page 238. Task 4: Take Test #1 that covers week1, week2 and week3: Review of Interfaces, Lists, Array Based Lists, and Linked Lists. Be sure to complete homework #1-3 and labs A and B before taking the test. Due Monday September 22 11:55pm...
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