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Copyright © 2006 Moraine Valley Community College Palos Hills, Illinois Division of Academic Affairs Course Syllabus Template TDWL Inventory Control Part 1. Instructor and Section Information Instructor’s Name ________________________________________________________ Office Location ____________________ Mailbox Location _________________ Office Hours ____________________________________________________________ Office Phone ___________ E-mail ________________ Web page _______________ Semester _________ Section Number ____________ Room Number _____________ Days and hours this section meets ___________________________________________ First day of class _________ Last day of class ________ Date of final exam ________ Part 2. Course Information I. Effective Date January or August, 2007__ II. Course Identification Prefix and Number ___________________ Course Title _TDWL Inventory Control__________________ Contact Hours __ 3 Lecture/Demonstration __ Lab/Studio __ 3 Total contact hours per week __ 3 Credit Hours III. Catalog Description Prerequisite _Intro to Business Logistics___ Corequisite ____ Course Description This course covers the fundamental principles of inventory control. Inventory management measurements and techniques will be explained. The financial importance of inventory management and control and its relationship to company financial statements will be reviewed. Students will learn the role of inventory control management in supporting the supply chain process. Illinois Articulation Initiative number ______ IV. Major Course Concepts 1. Inventory classifications – raw materials, work-in- process, and finished goods. 2.
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This note was uploaded on 01/23/2012 for the course ECON 261 taught by Professor George during the Spring '04 term at Illinois Tech.

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doc4 - Moraine Valley Community College Palos Hills,...

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