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Unformatted text preview: COURSE AND INVENTORY CONTROL SHEET -- CREATE/MODIFY COURSE CGI 2834 (REVISED 10/05) Reset From: To: Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Institute (cst) Via: Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Institute (csb) Trainng Source Approved by Edition date COURSE EDITION COURSE CODE ACE IDENTIFIER LONG TITLE SHORT TITLE DESCRIPTION PASSING SCORE ONLINE DATE RESERVE POINTS COURSE DURATION SECURITY CLASS STATUS CODE BILLET CODE BRANCH COURSE LIMITER ABBREVIATIONS PS - PRINT SOURCE RE/L - RE-ORDER LEVEL COMPONENT CODE BCN - BILLET CONTROL NUMBER QH - QUANTITY ON HAND PS DS CW - COMPONENT WEIGHT QPC - QUANTITY PER COURSE COMPONENT NAME (MAX 39 CHARACTERS) PRICE NSN NSN - NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER SC - SECURITY CLASS PUBLISH DATE QTYS QOH QTYS - QUANTITY STOCKED E - EXPENDABLE MATERIALS LOW LIMIT RE/L BCN TC SC DS - DOCUMENT SIZE TC - TYPE CODE ORDER DATE E QPC INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PREPARATl0N AND USE OF THE COURSE AND INVENTORY CONTROL SHEET -CREATE/MODIFY COURSE (CGI-2834) C 2 The training source should complete all appropriate bold face blocks on CGI-2834 as needed for processing. CGI should complete all appropriate non-bold face blocks on CGI-2834 as needed for processing. b 2 1. Course Code. Enter the 4-digit course code for this new course/edition. If it is a new course code, check with pro-1 for code numbers. 2. Course Edition. Enter the edition for this new course/edition (Max 2 digits). 3. Ace Identifier. Enter the ACE Identifier number (Max 10 characters). 4. Short Title. Enter the short title for this new course/edition, e.g., YN3, EPME (Max 6 characters). 5. Long Title. Enter the long title of the new course/edition being created (Max. 69 characters). 6. Description. Enter a description of the course/edition (Max 350 characters). Please provide a detailed course description; this information is used by the American Council on Education to assign the course college credit. 7. On line Date. Enter the intended date the new course/edition becomes active. 8. Passing Score. Enter the passing score for the new course/edition (Max 3 digits). 9. Reserve Points. Enter the number of points a Reservist may earn by completing this course. Refer to the Course Development Manual for instructions to compute reserve retirement points (from curriculum outline) (Max 9 digits). 10. Course Duration. Enter the maximum time in months the student will have to complete this new course/ edition (Max 6 characters). 11. Security Class. Enter "U" if this new course/edition is unclassified, "C" if it is confidential, and "S" if it is secret. 12. Status Code. If this is a new course, enter "N." If this course is going obsolete, enter “O.”If this course is active, enter "A.." 13. Billet Code. Enter the responsible rate for this course/edition (Max. 6 characters). 14. Branch. Enter the branch responsible for this course/edition (1 character). 15. Course Limiter. If everyone can enroll in this new course/edition, leave blank. If you would like to allow only Auxilliarists to enroll, enter "XONL Y." If you would like to limit Auxiliarists from enrolling, enter "XNO". All classified courses should be marked "XNO". 16. Component Code. Enter the 6-character component number that will be part of this new course/edition. 17. PS(Print Source). Enter 2-character print source. 18. DS (Document Size). Enter 2-character document size. 19. CW(Component Weight). Enter 2-digit component weight. 20. Component Name. Enter the component nanne, a maximum of 39 characters. 21. Price. Enter price to produce 1 component (Max 7 digits). 22. NSN(National Stock Number). Enter National Stock Number (Max 15 characters). 23. Publish Date. Enter the date the component was first published. 24. QTYS(Quantity Stocked). Enter total quantity stocked at Institute (Max 5 digits). 25. QOH(Quantity On Hand). Enter current quantity on hand (Max 5 digits). 26. Low Limit. Enter low limit. If inventory drops below this amount the Institute will be warned on an error report (Max 5 digits). 27. RE/L(Re-order level). Enter amount of components to be ordered with each re-order (Max 5 digits). 28. BCN(Billet Contor Number). Enter the responsible rate (Max 6 characters). 29. TC(Type Code). Enter component type code. "CH" = Chart "CPO = Commercial Publication "DD" = Department of Defense Pub. "OV" = Dividers "FS" = Frequency Scale "HB" = Handbook "MB" = Maneuvering Board "MP" = Manual Publication "N" = Notice to Students "PG" = Pocket Guide "PH" = Pamphlet "PS" = Plotting Sheets "TA" = Triangle "TB" = Test Booklet and "VT" = Video Tape. 30. SC (Security Class). Enter "U" if the component is unclassified, "C" if it is confidential and "S" if it is secret.. 31. Order Date. Enter last order date. 32. (Expendable Materials). Enter X the component is expendable, enter "N" if the component is non-expendable. 33. OPC (Quantity Per Course). Enter the number of components (for that component code) that will be issued with this course. This can befrom 01 to 99. ...
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