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David (Luke) Smith CHE 111-016 Faruba Karimi Matt Perry November 14, 2011 Lab 7: Discovering Enthalpy of a Chemical Reaction Introduction to Enthalpy lab The goal of the lab is for students learn how to calculate heat and enthalpy of reactions. The students write and determine the net ionic equations used in the lab. The students get to use Hess’s law to determine the reaction enthalpy from their lab data. The students use a calorimeter and see why it is a useful and practical tool. The hypothesis of the lab is that by using a calorimeter and carefully taking precise measurements, the enthalpy’s of each reaction can be determined and the energy absorbed or released. Lastly, the students use the skills they have learned throughout lab to build upon what they know and to complete the lab. Procedure for Enthalpy Lab The Procedure to lab 7 can be found in the lab manual. (Soult, pgs. 79-84) No changes were made to the procedure. Enthalpy Lab Discussion In the experiment there were three chemical reactions and their associated Enthalpies were investigated in this lab. The three chemical reactions were 1. Sodium hydroxide + Hydrochloric Acid 2. Sodium Hydroxide + Ammonium Chloride 3. Hydrochloric Acid + Ammonia The first step was weighing the mass of the Styrofoam cup. It came out to be 1.6084grams. The Mass of the Styrofoam cup and water (cold water) was 25.7385grams. Therefore, the mass of the water in the cup was 24.1301 grams.
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7_Smith_David(Luke) - David (Luke) Smith CHE 111-016 Faruba...

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