Class 2 communication

Class 2 communication - Questioned(thus subject to...

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Class 2 – September 6, 2011 - How do we KNOW communication? o Theories cognitive frameworks that guide us to understand phenomena around us a theory is a way to describe, explain, predict, and control something (ex: objects, people, relationships, events) o Personal (native) Theories Based on our life experiences Taken for granted (we don’t consciously think of them; kick in when we need them) Stable (resistant to change) Private (in the sense that each person has their own theories about things, and it is not discussed often) Why do we need to have these? We need to understand things around us in order to survive Help us to act and react; help us to decide what to do o Scholarly Theories - Scientific (systematic observation and testing) Empirical – a piece of evidence or data that is produced through systematic, planned observation and testing
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Unformatted text preview: Questioned (thus, subject to modification) Public-So, WHAT IS COMMUNICATION? o Communication : a few definitions The process es by which verbal and nonverbal messages are used to create and share meanings A social process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment Text book dfn: “Human communication is the process through which individuals in relationships, groups, organizations, and societies create and use information to relate to the environment and one another ”(Ruben & Stewart, 2006, p. 17)-Why study communication? o Communication is everywhere o Understanding communication processes will help you understand your life better, and even manage situations in your life in a better way....
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Class 2 communication - Questioned(thus subject to...

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