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Questions Lab 9 - Questions Solutions el conductivity and...

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Questions: Solutions: el. conductivity and freezing point depression Name: Liz Zharovsky Q1: Explain the difference (or similarity) in conductivity of: a) NaCl, CaCl 2 and AlCl 3 : All three of these substances are salts that participate in ion transport, resulting in strong electrolytes. Therefore, they have fairly high conductivities. Since the solutions were all of equal molarity, the concentration of ions plays a part in the level of conductivity. This is why of the three salts, NaCl has the lowest conductivity, then CaCl 2 , and then AlCl 3 because it has the most ions upon dissociation. b) NaCl, HCl and KOH : All three of these substances have strong electrolytes, as NaCl is a salt, HCl is a strong acid, and KOH is a strong base. NaCl is involved in ion transport and HCl and KOH are involved in proton transport. The conductivity in HCl and KOH are stronger than NaCl because the proton transport generates more conductivity. They all have the same number of ions in the solutions of equal molarity, but in general, K
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