TCollins-HR410 -Unit 10

TCollins-HR410 -Unit 10 - These things along with good...

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Running Header: UNIT 10 PROJECT 1 Tosha Collins Kaplan University HR410 Employee Training and Development Unit 10 Assignment Professor Spangenburg 12/18/2011
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Running Header: UNIT 10 PROJECT 2 Upon entering this course, I thought that it would be difficult. I found it to be more intriguing as we went deeper into the course. Even though Human Resources is not my major, there were many things that I could benefit from should I ever get the opportunity to open my own business. This course truly dove into the core of training and the different types that were available to the many organizations out there. Touching on the strategies, needs, technology used, and evaluations really opened up my eyes to what training and development really is. This course has affected my professional growth by allowing me to see how what is behind the scenes for developing a good staff. You want to be able to train people, but having the right programs to keep them engaged and knowledgeable is important as well.
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Unformatted text preview: These things, along with good management, are what help to keep organizations productive and profitable. I would like to thank you for a great term, as I did enter this course with reservations, but I am walking away with knowledge that will carry me through when I become a business owner. Knowing the different types of training programs and what theories to apply are important. There is a lot more that goes into training and development than most are aware of. It isn’t just hiring a qualified person and letting them go at it with the assumption that they can do it. It is entails the correct way of training and providing those avenues to the employees so that they can become more knowledgeable and grow. It was also refreshing to see some of the things that I learned about happening at work, which made it great to be able to experience what I was learning. Thank you again!...
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TCollins-HR410 -Unit 10 - These things along with good...

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