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TCollins-HR410 Final Project-Unit 7

TCollins-HR410 Final Project-Unit 7 - Running Header UNIT 7...

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Running Header: UNIT 7 PROJECT 1 Tosha Collins Kaplan University HR410 Employee Training and Development Unit 7 Project Professor Spangenburg 12/5/2011
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Running Header: UNIT 7 PROJECT 2 Transfer of training is sometimes defined as the level to which trainees apply the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes they gained in training to their jobs. There is no question that transfer of learning is a difficult challenge for some organizations. That is because only a small portion seems to transfer over into performance. For Pepsico, transfer of learning seems to be a strong point for them, as they continue to grow from within and from each other. Technology in the world today is phenomenal. There are so many new ways to do old jobs and improve them. To maintain the success that they have achieved in the classroom, they developed a plan that was based on framework that focuses on the learner’s engagement and organizational commitment (Sprigi, 2005). From this, they developed the Multi-Purposed Learning methodology to support companies to grasp the content and combine it into their own culture through post-course, refresh tests, activities, coaching tools, and live webcasts. Even though PepsiCo has independent franchisee businesses, they select the training content because it is highly customized for their specific needs. With this, franchisees pay an annual membership fee for unlimited usage and access to the Pepsi Bottler Campus, and learners can take as many courses as they want. Subscribers can access the courses over the internet, enabling learners to view courses not just anytime, but anywhere. Currently, PepsiCo has 32 bottler subscribers, which means that they have approximately 6,850 employees nationwide. They offer over 70 Pepsi-Cola bottler courses in bottler management, supervision, sales, merchandising, administration, operations and compliance and are adding roughly 10 new courses per month based on
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TCollins-HR410 Final Project-Unit 7 - Running Header UNIT 7...

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