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Unit 9 Final Project

Unit 9 Final Project - difference between proactive and...

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Unit 9 Final Project: How to Attract and Retain Top Employees Tosha Collins HR400-01AU Introduction National Interest Security Company (NISC) is happy to announce that we have re- evaluated our recruitment procedures. We have done so in order to make the hiring process go more smoothly, and also help to find interested recruits who have the ‘right fit’ for our company. We, the HR department, have noticed that there has been quite an increase in the employee turnover rate. As a result of the changes we have made, we are hoping to change that. Our selection process is geared toward finding employees who want to be here, and have the knowledge and aptitude for growth. Our company is growing at an exceptional rate; therefore our need for additional personnel is increasing. As current employees of the company, we encourage and challenge you to help us in our quest to find applicants that you feel would make a great addition to our company. What should be included in an organization's plan for recruitment sources? What is the
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Unformatted text preview: difference between proactive and reactive recruitment and what is the difference between traditional and innovative recruitment sources? One major function of the human resource department is the recruitment and selection process, which is the first step towards creating the strength and strategic advantage for an organization. The recruitment process entails efficient procedures which range from selecting the candidates through arranging and conducting the interviews and can be very time consuming. There are two sources from which our company can find candidates for employment. These resources are internal and external sources (Recruitment, 2007). Different ways in which you, as employees can help would be by assisting us in finding external sources as recruits. By this we mean anyone outside the company whom you know is looking for meaningful employment can be referred to the company website to submit an application. ......
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